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All hit music power this is radio freedom.mp3 lesstalk.mp3 noelfm.wav This Radio Freedom Full.mp3
we keep on rockin Let the attack begin Radio Freedom.mp3 oldradfred.mp3 the new sound.mp3
allhit.mp3 live from derbyshire.mp3 radfred female2.mp3 top of hour.mp3
Freedom ur out of beer 1.mp3 Live from Radio Freedom x4 alt2.mp3 radfred1a.mp3 crap.mp3
Hits R Freedom 2.mp3 Live from Radio Freedom x4 alt3.mp3.sfk usjingle.mp3 ripoff.mp3
kevsgo.mp3 Morse code redfred.mp3 radfred3.mp3 thunder.mp3
killtv.mp3 new sound.mp3 Abby You can listen to.mp3 Abby  This is Radio Freedom.mp3
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winamp 2.72      
winamp 5  recommended skin frequency

new jingles

2018  Dec 27 2020 preview
filz\shoutcast-dsp   STEAMING PLUGIN main station ident rock with beachy  mrfish part 1      mrfish part 2
  rockin with mrfish station ident derby tony clark part 1   tony clark part 2
  turn it up, rip off knob 2018 mix 40 years of freedom running order :-  mrfish 10 -12, Dick ta phone 12-2, Andy hall rock 2-4, wireless SS 4-6, Tip Toe Tony 6-8,
  wireless sound system radio freedom team (some of) D.J.Proff 8-10  Tony Clark Jaz 10-12
  nightime radio with proff