The Rockhouse Project 2021

Here is the audio book and the text of the book written in 2007

By Sir Paul Frederick Johnson

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Chapter 1 Finding the site
Chapter 2 Fitting the club out
Chapter 3 The opening night
Chapter 4 The early years
Chapter 5 The first Cristmas
Chapter 6 Biker shit
Chapter 7 The Peter Dare Crisis
Chapter 8 More Biker Shit
Chapter 9 The Hotter Case
Chapter10 1987 and all that
Chapter11 Live Aid
Chapter12 The arrival of 1990s
Chapter13 Entering into the dance market in 1990s
Chapter14 Trying to get that elusive late license
Chapter15 Mid 1990s
Chapter16 Matts go mid 1990s
Chapter17 The bloody radio
Chapter18 Re Branding to survive
Chapter 19 Yet another manager
Chapter 20 Marcus - the struggle continues 1999
Chapter 21 The final year part1
Chapter 22 The final year part2
Chapter 23 The final year part3
Chapter 24 Closing down battles
Chapter 25 The last night